About us

Asthetique Russia is a team of friends. Our friendship and history together are a source
of strength because while we accomplished a great deal together we know that we are hungry
to meet and overcome new and even bigger challenges. Each team member is passionate
about creating inspired designs. This passion motivates Asthetique Russia to approach all projects and customers with respect. By tapping into a well of creative energy the Asthetique Russia team will deliver each client the best project possible.

our services


    Asthetique Russia specializes in creating interiors for public spaces such as restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques and concept stores. Our goal is to build a successful business by creating designs that inspire people.


    We do not chase after awards or other accolades
    because delivering our clients with projects that exceed their expectations and which they love owning and operating
    as much as we loved creating is the best recognition.
    Because we love our job we work with joy that comes
    from the heart. Every new project presents an opportunity
    to grow and improve as people and professionals. Through dedication to our craft, tenacity in our work and focus
    on realizing consistently excellent results we will constantly improve and realize our dream one happy clients at a time.